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mPale is our exclusive, almost permanent, disinfecting agent. This is truly a breakthrough in the way buildings and equipment are treated. Once applied, our mPale disinfecting agent works for years to kill bacteria, virus, mold, and other microbes to give a new level of protection. Just spray on a clean surface or wipe it on and let it dry. The surface must be prepared by cleaning with our mPerial disinfectant cleaner and prep. Can be applied electrostatically.


mPerial is our world class disinfecting detergent. Super concentrated at 64 to one, this cleaner is a true workhorse with disinfecting, detergents, degreasers and other chemicals to make it you best everyday cleaner. EPA registered for food contact surfaces, it leaves no residue behind. From hard surfaces to fabric care, this non-foaming detergent gets the job done.


mOxie is our rug cleaning detergent concentrate, concentrate at 12 to 1. May be diluted 4 to 1 for a super spot remover. Works with mPale disinfectant to protect carpets and room with a long-term disinfectant. Clean rugs with mOxie carpet cleaner, and then Spray on mPale long-term disinfectant. The mOxie carpet cleaner works with the mPale as a prep (cationic) agent and will allow the mPale to wick into the carpet backing where the antimicrobial action is needed the most.

Laundry Pro Wash

Our product for heavy-duty laundry wash and preparation. Use our 'Laundry Pro' semi-permanent disinfectant for commercial laundry. Add 4 oz. per 10 pounds of dry fabric for a heavy-duty wash. Laundry Pro Wash must be used before using 'Laundry Pro Disinfectant'. Laundry Pro Wash is great for everyday detergent and for commercial laundry.

Dry Guard

Laundry Pro semi-permanent disinfectant for commercial laundry. This active additive will help prevent Bacterial Stains and Odors from forming on any textile surface. If a clean environment is you goal this product will help you achieve a new level of cleanliness. Add 4 oz. per 10 pounds of dry fabric for a Heavy Fabrics or 3oz per 10 pounds of dry fabric for normal treatment. Place clothes in dryer and dry normally.

Stain Block for Carpet

This stain blocker has proven itself as the best stain blocker on the market for nylon-based carpet, and is also very effective on other poly-blended textiles. Can be safely used on all carpets, drapes, nylon tablecloths. This forms a permanent coating on the textile surface.


Grip is a super heavy-duty grease remover for floors, designed for commercial use. Grip can be wiped, sprayed or power-washed in any temperature water.

NEW Stain and Odor Pro

This product will prevent stains and odors from forming on any clean dry surface. This product is used in some of the most demanding applications to prevent odors before they start. Clean with mPerial first and wipe or spray the product on. Let the product dry and you are protected! This product lasts for years on the treated surface. Ideal for Concrete and Roofs, as well as any other clean dry surface.

Glass Pro

Compare our glass cleaner to any other! You will see for yourself the ease of cleaning on even heavily soiled glass. We have made commercial glass cleaners for brands you would recognize, now get a true 'Heavy Duty Glass Cleaner', direct from the manufacturer.

Suitcase Gun SC1

Backpack Gun

PL Concentrate* 3.6% Active

*Note: Dilution rates are as follows;
1/1 As is, For shipping and transportation it must be in this dilution and in the original container.
2/1 Cuts dilution in half and is a very strong application, May become sticky if over-applied.
3/1 For heavy duty applications such as porous surfaces (concrete, wood etc.)
4/1 For all indoor applications

Two Room Application (280 sq. ft. TTL) 12oz Can

Using our compact electrostatic sprayer, this product will allow you to treat up to 280 square feet of area. Ideally suited for treating bathrooms, kitchens, hotel rooms, hospital rooms, virtually any smaller scale application where the cost and setup time of a large scale electrostatic gun is not practical.

Type I Auto Kit mPale Protectant

The Type I Auto Protectant Kit contains our Patent Pending Automotive formulation of mPale with Aegis Microbe Shield. It is designed specifically for treating all commercially available family passenger vehicles. The pressurized can contains 6 ounces of antimicrobial protectant, the perfect amount to treat a sedan, SUV, Minivan or Truck. The mPale Automotive Treatment comes with a 5 year written warranty. Application procedures are designed to leave approximately 2 ounces of mPale in the pressurized spray can. The can comes with a spray nozzle which can be attached so that the remaining product can be used to “touch-up” high contact areas, such as the steering wheel, door handles and control knobs.

Type II Auto Kit mPerial Disinfectant

The Type II Automotive Disinfectant kit is designed as a “pre-treatment” for vehicles requiring cleaning before the Type I Protectant application. It is recommended for use on all used vehicles and is safe for use on new vehicles where the added assurance of a pre-treatment is desired. The Type II canister contains 12 ounces of mPerial disinfectant, specially formulated for automotive application (Patent Pending).

Electronic and Counter Top mPale wipes (75 wipes per container)

This product will clean and apply an antimicrobial protectant to cabinets, chairs, computers, keyboards, counter tops, desks, door knobs, telephones, appliances, bathtubs, showers and much more. It can also be used to refresh your auto and marine applications!

Coming Soon: mPale Hand Sanitizer (TBD)

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